Honey Boo Boo's Secret Family Recipe for 'Sketti'


Mama June prides herself on being thrifty. As an extreme couponer, she stockpiles goods and feeds her family of six on $80 a week. In a rare cooking segment on last night’s episode, she showcased her culinary skills by making an old family recipe for “Sketti,” which involves spaghetti noodles and a sauce made of microwaved Country Crock and ketchup. The group also played an interesting parlor game called “Guess Whose Breath.”

In Whose Breath? one player must wear a blindfold while other people breathe upon that player’s face. The blindfolded person must then guess who did the breathing, by the smell. According to Chubbs, she only brushes her teeth on “special occasions,” so she should have been the easiest to identify. However, Chubbs actually won the game herself, by correctly guessing the breath of each family members. The game made Chickadee, the pregnant one, laugh so hard that she peed on the couch.

Meanwhile, Honey Boo Boo’s hometown of McIntyre, GA is getting a lot of attention from the press. An AP reporter recently spent some time there talking to dozens of the town’s 650 residents. The feelings are mixed about the show; some say it gives their town a bad reputation, others think that the family is tacky. Here are some choice quotes:

“I don’t mind it, it’s just that it doesn’t give a good image for the county since it is a small county, and it’s a really family-oriented county, and we are basically, you know, church goers down here, and a lot of the things they do … we don’t agree with it.”
“They don’t put on. That’s everything they do every day. It ain’t just put on for the show.”
“[They’re]simple, country people…It bothers me a little that people might think that that’s what everyone here is like. It’s like we all don’t have any manners.”
“It kind of makes country folks look a little bad, but it’s done in fun.”

‘Honey Boo Boo’ Panned in Georgia Hometown [THR]

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