'Honk If Droping Off Daughter': Sad, Weird College Sex Banners Across America


Last week was move-in time at many of America’s colleges and universities, and, thus, a great time to shout from the rooftops how excited some students are to have sex with 18-year-old girls and/or their mothers. College students the nation over were making banners to proclaim how good they are at sex, and we asked you to send us the ones you saw. Thank you so much for obliging, and to our nation’s students, for their single-minded devotion to yelling about doin’ it.

These treasures were spotted near North Dakota State University:

This enticing invitation comes from Winona State University in Minnesota. Our tipster adds, “I should add that these rather sexist (studious?) men were up by 9 drinking Busch Light for campus move in day.” Ambitious! Not great at spelling, but ambitious!

And this one, from West Virginia University. Please note the gentleman to the right raising his hands in a triumphant double salute while drinking what appears to be a huge jug of apple juice.

These signs certainly aren’t a new phenomenon; another tipster sent us one from UW-Madison’s 2012 move-in week. You’ll notice the wording is identical to one seen above.

Elsewhere in the U.S., there was Ohio University, where a sign on an off-campus house proclaimed, “21 to Drink, 18 to Get Your Bean Flicked.” While that seems to be a popular sentiment this year, we really must stress that your default move probably shouldn’t be “flicking” a clitoris, ow:

Anyway, nothing is pathetic, trying way too hard, or gleefully predatory about any of this:

Nothing whatsoever:

There’s also this one, which, for some reason, doesn’t seem to have caught on:

Great job, college students.

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