Hooters Hostess Gives Korean Couple Receipt That Reads 'Chinx'


A Korean-American is suing Hooters for racial discrimination after a hostess giggled and gawked at him and his girlfriend while taking their takeout order before handing them a receipt that read “chinx.”

Kisuk Cha told the New York Times that he was so shocked and distraught by the employee’s behavior he lost his appetite and threw his buffalo shrimp and chicken wings away.

“He was so overwhelmed that he just wanted to go to bed to sleep, but was too angry to do so,” his lawyer wrote in a lawsuit filed Monday afternoon. “This incident has continued to cause him mental anguish. He is haunted by the ridiculing giggles and stares of his persecutor. He does not feel welcome at Hooters and indeed questions whether he is welcomed at any non-Korean establishments.”

Hooters’ local HR director apologized profusely and the 17-year-old hostess responsible for the racial receipt slur identified herself to management and resigned, but Cha is still upset. “Recently I got my U.S. citizenship,” he said, “and I realized, like, this isn’t something I expected when I became a U.S. citizen.”

Yesterday, we wrote about the restaurant chain’s sad, sad plans to appeal to the ladies. Maybe they need to take a few steps back and train their employees how to be basic human beings, first.

A Hooters in Queens Is Sued for Racial Discrimination

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