Horrible 'Experiment' Involves Grown Men Forcing Kisses on Women


Well, this is the grossest thing I’ve seen in awhile and I just watched my dog eat a steaming pile of human feces.

Let’s jump right in so we can jump right out (and straight into a hot shower). In the video above, two dudes start off by stating that in some cultures, people say hi by kissing each other on the cheeks or lips. So these two dudes’ brilliant social experiment? To walk up to strangers — mostly young women — and forcibly kiss them. You know, to see how Americans react to crazy foreign ways. Or, to forcibly kiss women without their permission and tape it for laughs.

They have another video called “Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet” that’s would be more aptly titled “Pretending to Kidnap Terrified Strangers” or perhaps “WTF GET OFF OF ME” or maybe “I’m Laughing Because I’m Sooooo Uncomfortable and Freaked Out” and “You’re Not Nearly as Funny as You Think You Are. Sad.”

OK, so I can’t tell if these bros aren’t the brightest, and don’t quite understand that greetings are almost always reserved for people who already know each other or who are planning on meeting, and not for total strangers, or if they’re just assholes who think it’d be hilarious to kiss women against their will? Or both? Probably both.

Are these two adult men so entitled that they don’t understand that women deal with unwanted sexual attention on the regular, and that approaching them in this way crosses the boundary from uncomfortable to demeaning, degrading, and downright dangerous seeming?

The worst part is I bet these two little bros think what they’re doing goes beyond a few chuckles and is also charming and perhaps even interesting social commentary. The reactions they chose to show involved a lot of giggling, but I can imagine being a 19-year-old girl (I was one once!) and having a dude do this to me and laughing it off and then going home and feeling awful. Today, I’d probably knee him in the balls instinctively, but who knows. Hell, maybe I’d nervously laugh — because, honestly, even if I wanted to tell him to get the fuck off of me, who knows what a dude who does something like that is capable of if you react negatively? — and then go home and take 15 hot showers.

[via Salon]

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