Horse Bridesmaid Cruelly Forced to Wait Outside Church During Ceremony


Obviously this is a story out of the UK. It’s the Britishiest British story ever Britted. The scene: Coddington, Nottinghamshire. We deal not with a fox wearing a feathered cap and tunic, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but with a horse chosen to be a bridesmaid. Putting the mare in marriage.

As the Daily Mail reports, when twenty-eight year old Alex Wells galloped to the altar to marry Graham Sales, she had two bridesmaids: Her friend Lianna Bourne, also 28, and her 17-year-old horse, Toffee.

Mrs Sales, who grew up in Coddington and events competitively on her thoroughbred, said: ‘Toffee is part of the family and is so important to me, I even asked her permission to get married.’

Apparently Toffee approved. Both bridesmaids trotted out wearing purple: Miss Bourne a purple dress; Toffee, purple ribbons and bridle. A bridal bridle. (Photos here.) Unfortunately, due to terrible discriminatory practices, Toffee was not allowed inside for the ceremony. Anglicans!

Unlike Miss Bourne, Toffee had to stay outside the church during the service, but was waiting when the happy couple emerged from All Saints Church in Coddington, and took her part in the line-up for the official photographs.

Oh, well. At least Toffee was part of the day. In fact, Toffee was quite the showpony about the whole thing, Miss Bourne told the paper: “Toffee took longer than me to get ready. She was definitely in the spotlight.”

Meanwhile, we predict this will be a stable marriage, since the groom knows his place:

Her husband, who judging by the photographs does not share perhaps quite the same passion for Toffee as his new bride, admitted he was ‘definitely behind Toffee’ in the pecking order.

[Daily Mail]

Image via pirita/Shutterstock.

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