'Hot Sauce Mom' Faces A Year In Jail


36-year-old Jessica Beagley from Anchorage, Alaska is now facing misdemeanor child abuse charges after a home video she sent in to the Dr. Phil show completely backfired. The “Angry Moms” episode featured Beagley shouting to her son, “What happens when you lie to me? You get hot sauced!” And then she poured said hot sauce down his throat. As if that wasn’t enough punishment for the small crimes of wriggling in his seat and pencil sword-fighting at school, she followed it up with a cold shower. Mother Of The Year, anyone?

Viewers that tuned into the episode of Dr. Phil contacted authorities, who charged the mom with misdemeanor child abuse. Despite the fact that her defense lawyer equates the treatment to “eating Mexican food,” the trial began on Wednesday and Beagly is facing a year in jail.

As an aside: Is it any surprise that Nancy Grace was all over this “Hot Sauce Mom” story? Hell, it even rhymes with “Tot Mom.”

Mom Could Lose Kids Over “Hot Saucing” Punishment
Hot Sauce Mom Sauced Son At Producer’s Request

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