How Many Housewives Does It Take To Cook A Chicken?


On last night’s installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump made it her own business to teach millionaire Adrienne Maloof how to cook a meal. It goes about how you’d expect. Adrienne doesn’t know where anything is in her gigantic kitchen (with three refrigerators!), including the salt and pepper. And then Maloof washes her raw chicken with soap and water. Brilliant.

Next up was Adrienne’s Spa Day, which meant that all of the castmates showed up to get their rich asses pampered for an entire day. Because they really needed it. Even Kim appeared out of nowhere for the event, and amidst all of the drama and magic crystal laser facials, she ran off into Adrienne’s backyard with her sister to jump on the trampoline. Kim felt weird about Kyle’s guilt for partaking in such childlike actives, because as she put it, “I’m always jumping on the trampoline, I love it! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…

The fun stopped there, seeing as Adrienne had invited Brandi to the event in hopes of settling the beef with the sisters Richards. Adrienne went around to all parties involved to try and coordinate some kind of apology out of Brandi for her meltdown at last week’s game night. You can guess how that went over.

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