How Many Pull-Ups Do You Think Ivanka Can Do?

How Many Pull-Ups Do You Think Ivanka Can Do?

Ivanka Trump has kept busy during this extended period of social distancing. She’s been pretending to be a Normal Mom (nanny not included), teaching her children how to wash their hands with very expensive soap, stanning her father, sharing a lot of saccharine covid-19 stories, and… doing pull-ups?

Trump posted a video praising the administration’s commitment to small businesses during this time of “vulnerability, fragility, and, just, tremendous uncertainty.” While I marveled at how terrifying she was during her vapid, whispery, ring-lit video, Jezebel’s eagle-eyed features editor Stassa Edwards noticed the over-the-door pull-up bar in the background.

Both Trump and her haunted Victorian doll of a husband, Jared Kushner, are known to go to spin class together, though it appears that Trump is the real workout goon of the two. But still, unassisted pull-ups are difficult, even for a spin class flywheel pilates freak.

It’s Tuesday. Everything has gone to shit. Fuck it, let’s speculate: How many pull-ups can this awful woman do?

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