How Much Did You Do It On Your Honeymoon?

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Welcome to Pop The Question, a weekly space to dissect every aspect of wedding madness. Each Tuesday, we’ll ask a question (sometimes there might even be a poll!), you’ll share answers and stories, and then we’ll bring you the best of the bunch on Thursdays. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fly into a total rage over something that doesn’t actually matter … it will be just like your wedding day.

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Specifically, how much of it you had on your honeymoon, provided you took one. Let’s do this one poll-style.

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But such a juicy topic deserves more than just a poll, right? Right! So tell us some of the good stuff you know we want to hear: Where was the most inventive place you did it? (Up the butt, Bob!) Did you try any new techniques out? Did you get caught by housekeeping? If you only did it once, what happened? If you didn’t do it at all, WHAT IN THE WHAT?

You have stories that you’re dying to tell and on Thursday, we’ll come on back here to revel in the very best of ‘em.

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