How Nice of Ted Cruz to Support Reproductive Freedom!

How Nice of Ted Cruz to Support Reproductive Freedom!
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At long last, defender of small government Ted Cruz has come out in support of reproductive freedom, provided that freedom has nothing to do with people with uteruses.

The Guardian reports that Cruz criticized a proposed state House bill in Alabama mandating men to get vasectomies by the age of 50. The bill was introduced by Democratic representative Rolanda Hollis in protest of Alabama’s abortion ban (now on hold) and has no chance of becoming law. Still, Cruz does not like when big government tells people what to do with their bodies!

He tweeted on Sunday:

People quickly pointed out to Cruz that forcing men to get vasectomies isn’t that different from forcing women to carry pregnancies to term, since both hinge on removing a person’s ability to choose what they do with their body. Cruz has repeatedly come out against abortion rights, and it seems like the vasectomy irony is lost on him, since on Monday his official Senatorial Twitter account posted a clip of him decrying Democrats’ “radical pro-abortion statements.”

Hypocrisy: almost as bad a look as that beard, Ted.

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