How Sweet Little Cupcakes Can Spark Controversy


A North Carolina cupcake shop has apologized for adopting the unfunny slogan “So Good It Makes Fat People Cry,” and then for calling one critic a c-word that was definitely not “cupcake.”

According to The Gloss’s Valerie Marino, a customer identified as Diana emailed Crumb bakery co-owner Carrie Nickerson to protest the slogan. Nickerson responded, via email,

We offend everybody equally. You are the one with hate in your heart not us. Since we are fortunate enough to live in America you can do whatever you want.

She then called Diana a “fat cunt” on her Twitter feed (now private). Recognizing that, in Marino’s words, “there are certain things it’s still just not okay to say to a fellow human being, especially if you want them to give you money,” Crumb soon issued an apology. But it’s pretty much of the I’m-sorry-you’re-mad variety:

Regarding our slogan, let us begin by apologizing to you, Diana, and everyone else we have offended. This was never our intention. The tagline was meant as a joke and nothing more. We never meant to hurt anyone. The tagline is no longer in use and the tweets you found offensive have been removed.

Memo to Crumb: claming to “offend everybody equally” makes a certain amount of sense when your raison d’etre involves shaking things up. If you’re, say, Chris Rock, or maybe the guys from South Park in their fresher, funnier heyday. But if your job is selling tasty baked goods, you really have no business offending anybody. Also, those who combine the words “cupcakes” and “cunt” will lose another c-word: customers.

Image via Lasse Kristensen/

North Carolina Cupcake Shop Calls Customer Fat, Halfheartedly Apologizes [The Gloss]

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