How to Transform into a Total Nerd-Babe


Though the inimitable Dorothy Parker once claimed, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,” times, they have changed. These days there is nary a fella out there who would balk at putting the moves on some bespectacled nerd-babe. In fact, it’s pretty much safe to safe to say, that being “adorkable” is now considered a compliment.

That’s why, inspired by tonight’s premiere of King of the Nerds, the new reality show that pits cosplayers vrs. scientists in a $100,000 competition to prove their ultimate nerd-dom (and is, of course, hosted by Revenge of the Nerds stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. Hi, Booger!), we’ve curated a list of fine sartorial choices for ladies with a glimmer of geek in their eye.


To fully embrace the nerd lifestyle, you can address your dress in a number of ways. For instance, you could rock a classic school girl motif (update it with a mock collar, and a pair of 8-bit stockings for an edgier look), or you can choose a more modern approach, and go full-on fangirl with this tank top that “solemnly” swears that you’re “up to no good.” Just as long as the force is with you, you should be good to go!


Who knows who decided that being near-sighted was a prerequisite for nerdiness, but Thor bless ‘em! Whether you choose a pair of oversized Golden Girl specs, something cute and cartoony, or a more scholarly look, there is no better way to proudly declare your membership to MENSA then with something fancy for your face.


Sometimes, style isn’t about loud statements, but about a few well-chosen accessories that show your allegiance, like this brass USB port necklace, a District 12 Tribute backpack, or a precious set of Piranha Plant earrings. Or, if you want to go for a more manicured look, consider some “subtle” custom nail art.


Nerd hair doesn’t have to mean a greasy, stringy mess, or a Hermione-style mop -– instead think blunt bangs, pinup bouffants, and so-kawaii-you’ll-gag accessories. Alternately, you could embrace your inner superhero, and add some super natural shades to your tresses.

And there you have it — a few simple ideas to bring out your inner nerd, without making you look like a total bore. Check back next week for some additional objects d’geek, and make sure to tune in tonight at 10/9C for King of the Nerds — only on TBS.

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