How to Vote Responsibly for People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2023

Make an informed decision when casting your ballot in the most important election occurring in September 2023.


Will Sharpe

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Will Sharpe
White, Marsden, Isaiah, Sharpe Photo: (Getty Images)

Starting off with an easy category, hot men in their natural habitat: television.

Pros: Can at the very least pretend to be a great cook.

Cons: Seems to be calling the paps on himself post-divorce, to snap pics of him jogging and making out.

Pros: Jury Duty was incredibly funny!

Cons: He might want to regale you with tales of starring in Boss Baby 2.

Pros: Does a stellar job impersonating a young Magic Johnson.

Cons: No obvious cons, but he is relatively unknown compared to the other nominees.

Pros: Is going to direct the upcoming Crying in H-Mart movie. Hot!

Cons: His character in White Lotus was incredibly annoying.

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