Human Barbies Hate Each Other, Prepare For All-Out War


For a long time Valeria Lukyanova has been the most famous of the human barbies, earning headline after headline for her outrageous behavior (doesn’t eat, posts make-up less selfies!!!) and her archaic views on feminism and race. Now, former friend Alina Kovalevskaya is trying to steal the giant pink box for herself.

Lukyanva, while still popular, has begun to fall out of favor. Human Ken doll (I cannot believe the words I am typing sometimes) Justin Jedlica recently expressed that he thinks she’s a cute girl but doesn’t respect the fact that she’s an illusionist rather than a true living doll. Jedlica has had many cosmetic surgeries (going so far as to plan risky procedures himself) while Lukyanova has claimed she’s had none and that her look is all achieved with make-up and the correct diet of cosmic micro-food (again with those words that sound good but mean absolutely nothing! Look at me, mom!).

Kovaleskaya, who lives in Odessa and is studying psychology and social work, has also recently expressed her distaste for Lukyanova who she says is not someone she would like to be friends with or even know. In a video detailing Kovalevskaya’s daily life, she discusses the fact that her separation from Lukyanova had to do with several misunderstandings between them. One of them might have had to do with cosmetic procedures. Kovalevskaya claims to not have had any and says that her looks are achieved with extensions (a meter long) and contact lenses that make her eyes look giant. I had no idea such things existed and am now wondering whether they’re worth the expense to just freak out everyone I know.

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