Hundreds of Volunteers Are Working For #SafeNailSalonsNYC Today


On Thursday, a group of New York City agencies and volunteers are mobilizing to educate nail salon workers, owners and patrons about the rights being denied to industry workers, the legal avenues to enforce these rights, and the actions available to consumers who are interested in reducing the rampant, now-highly-public exploitation in the salon industry.

The day of action planned for #SafeNailSalonsNYC looks pretty far-reaching, which is awesome: according to the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, they’re working with 600 volunteers, in around 100 subway stations, and hoping to reach up to 1,000 nail salons.

A tipster sent us close-ups of the flyers, aimed at both employees and customers, which she saw getting handed out at the Staten Island ferry terminal:

The flyers—which you can look at here in full—come with Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean and Nepali translations.

The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs site also posted a firm, concise letter from Julie Menin, the department’s current commissioner, to OSHA, which urges the agency to use their authority to provide safety and health consultation services to salon workers and also revise the standards for acceptable toxin exposure at work.

Cheers to everyone who has made this mobilization so quick, active, and comprehensive in its aim. If you live in NYC and want to get involved in future events, get thyself on the list!

Photo via NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs/Twitter

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