Hungry Media Outlets Attempt to Exploit Amanda Bynes's Mental State


If you’ve been following entertainment news at all, then you’re probably aware that onetime child star Amanda Bynes has been going through something. And several blogs, radio stations, and tabloid news shows want to cash in on that, using Twitter—her medium of choice—to reach out to her with interview requests. It turns out that vultures tweet.

Truthfully, if you want to get in touch with Bynes, Twitter is the place to do it. Other than the occasional paparazzi shot or reports of inappropriate conduct, the only link to Bynes and the rest of the world is through her Twitter account, where she’s very vocal and visual, posting numerous photos and videos of her recent makeover replete with Microdermal cheek implants.

And so a number of media outlets, like Entertainment Tonight, Huffington Post, AOL, and BuzzFeed, among others have Tweeted interview requests at Bynes in the past two days. But is it possible to exploit someone who is seemingly exploiting herself? Yes!

Bynes’ erratic behavior has led to headlines that question her mental health, and while those aren’t much more than rumors and supposition, it’s kind of generally accepted that she’s not well, which was only confirmed when she recently admitted she has an eating disorder. The fact is, she’s getting a lot of attention for her antics right now, and it’s clear that anyone interested in giving her a platform to tell her “side” of things isn’t doing so as some altruistic gesture to help clear her name against allegations of mental illness, but instead, attempting to funnel that attention over to their publication by nabbing some exclusive “crazy,” at a moment in her life when she has no representation.

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