I Can't Stop Watching This Hypnotic Workout Video


There’s a new insane workout in town, and it’s… well, it’s insane. It’s called BUTI and it was developed by fitness enthusiast Bizzie Gold. That’s her name, folks.

BUTI — pronounced “booty” because butts — came into being when Gold decided to combine her longtime love for intense cardio with her newfound passion for yoga into one extremely extreme workout. One workout that sounds an awful lot like Zumba, but who are we to say? Our last exercise class was surrounded by senior citizens in the YMCA’s swimming pool. (And it was awesome.)

Now, please attempt to watch this video. We’re guessing you’re gonna have one of two reactions: 1) Your mind will go blank and you’ll wake up two hours from now, humping the floor while white noise plays in the background; or 2) You’ll attempt to try BUTI, and we’ll have to call 911 for you. Just let us know when you’re starting, and we’ll alert the authorities about ten minutes later.

Either way, goodbye and good luck!

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