I Have Some Questions About Sarah Palin's 30 Rock 'Spoof' 


Sure, we all love Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impressions, but come on, weren’t you hoping that one day the tables would turn? No?

Too bad! The Independent Journal-Review, a viral news website with a name that sounds really distinguished and nonpartisan but was actually launched in 2012 by former Republican party officials, has been doing a series of clickbait videos starring your favorite conservative stars (remember Carly Fiorina petting a turkey? Remember Carly Fiorina eating a dog treat? Same series!).

This one features Sarah Palin as Liz Lemon in 31 Rock, in which she shakes her fist at “PC culture,” walks around in a sweatshirt, and says “nerds!” very unconvincingly. It also features John McCain as Jack Donaghy, Lindsey Graham as Kenneth the Page, and Dot Com as Dot Com, who helps shill Palin’s new nonsense Bible book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. I have some questions.

  1. Is Kevin Brown, the actor who plays Dot Com, okay?
  2. How much was he paid to do this?
  3. Should someone check on him?
  4. Are John McCain and Sarah Palin really friends, even though she was a large factor in his devastating presidential loss?
  5. Even though she’s incredibly, fantastically dumb, and he’s only sometimes dumb, and they probably don’t have very much in common except for their shared political humiliation and that really bad Julianne Moore movie?
  6. Why didn’t Lindsey Graham say any lines as Kenneth? I would have really enjoyed that.
  7. Did John McCain beg Lindsey Graham to be in this video with him, or was it the other way around?
  8. Did Lindsey Graham know that this would come out on the same day that he dropped out of the Republican primary?
  9. Is this Lindsey Graham’s way of telling us, “Come on you guys, I’m chill! It’s whatever”?
  10. Do you think Sarah Palin has ever watched an episode of 30 Rock?

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