I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Tyra Banks's Smizecream

I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Tyra Banks's Smizecream
Image:Fernando Leon (Getty Images)

Once multi-level marketing scheme CEO and former reality dance competition show host Tyra Banks, coming down from the failure of her never-launched theme park Modelland, has a new venture with which to keep herself busy: Ice cream!

On Twitter this morning, Banks said that she is hard at work on “inclusions,” a classier term for mix-in, I guess, in her upcoming ice cream brand, Smize Cream, which sounds less like dessert and more like an arsenic laced, mid-century beauty treatment for housewives at the sanitarium. These exciting Smize Cream developments include “brownies and buttery caramels.”

Now, another new business from the creator (and villain) of America’s Next Top Model is perhaps the least shocking thing to hear about on a Wednesday. But, it’s not the first time she’s discussed the mysterious ice cream brand. On Drew Barrymore’s talk show in September, Jezebel comrade Rich Juzwiak noted: “To describe the “edible truffle-icious cookie dough surprise” inside every serving of the dessert, Banks used the word “gamification,” which really impressed Barrymore.”

Tyra, that sounds fucking disgusting.

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