I Wanna Marry Harry Contestants Told Basically Nothing About Show


We’re regrettably, deliciously neck deep in another reality competition show that aims to finally, decisively prove to audiences that ladies be stupid gold diggers. But the extent of their gold-digging stupidity was, like most things on reality TV, overexaggerated for dramatic effect.

Leah Thomas, who was recently kicked off I Wanna Marry Harry, told Vulture that before she and the other contestants were told very little before they were flown to England and told they were about to marry a handsome ginger prince. In fact, it seems like Leah Thomas didn’t know anything besides the fact that it was a dating show.

Did you have a sense of what you were getting into at all?
Honestly, I think I remember talking to someone about it, and it was like, oh, you get to meet this eligible bachelor, you get to go on fantastic dates. I’m sitting here thinking, Well, you guys could throw me in the middle of a jungle and make me fight lions, I have no idea.
But you were still like, Sure, I’ll just see what happens?
Yeah, I had that mindset. You can always say no.
What did they tell you about the show when you auditioned?
That we were getting to meet an eligible bachelor and get taken on our dream dates.
Did they tell you where you were going?
Not at first.
Was there any mention of the royalty stuff?

So maybe a more accurate title for the show would be I Wanna Be On Television. But that wouldn’t be as fun.

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