I Won’t Sleep Until I Know Who Glennon Doyle Booted Off Her Podcast

Blind item: Which celeb and their husband were so rude to Glennon and Abby Wambach that they were asked to leave?

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I Won’t Sleep Until I Know Who Glennon Doyle Booted Off Her Podcast
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Glennon Doyle is not my white woman podcaster (derogatory) of choice—my allegiance lies with Esther Perel. That being said, I’m familiar with Doyle’s whole “thing”: Popular mom blogger leaves model husband, marries hot Olympic women’s soccer star, shifts medium of oversharing from blogging to podcasting, which in turn becomes a runaway success. With 2 million followers on Instagram, the We Can Do Hard Things podcast host opens up a lot of her life to a lot of people. But there is one thing Doyle is not sharing with us, and it is keeping me up at night: Which podcast guest was so rude to Doyle and her team that they were dismissed on the spot before recording ever began?

Last week Doyle posted a teaser video of the podcast episode on her Instagram, as she normally does. Her wife and co-host, Abby Wambach, sits beside her, and in the other video call frame is her sister, Amanda Doyle, the third co-host. Instagram’s incredible algorithm that shows you videos by people you do not follow suggested this for me, but unfortunately, in this instance, Meta knew exactly the content I crave: blind item drama from the source. “A very strange thing happened,” Glennon explains, deciding to call the episode “The Episode That Wasn’t.”

Instead of recording an episode with the guest, the hosts decided to break down what happened. Before the recording began, the scheduled guest was in the virtual waiting room getting prepped by the podcast’s producer. The husband of the guest, who was helping them get ready (men loooove explaining podcasts), “raised his voice” and started “getting aggressive” with them. Once that info was relayed to Amanda via text, the podcaster trio huddled together and decided to not go forward with the interview. Amanda then hopped over to the video call with the would-be guest and explained that “because of the way you and your husband treated our team member,” they wouldn’t be proceeding with the interview.

The would-be guest scoffed and asked if this was “because [team member] got their feelings hurt.” When she’d been on another famous man’s popular podcast, her husband acting like this “was not a problem,” she said.

That comment did not land well. The ensuing podcast episode, recorded immediately after this incident, is all about this sort of “gaslighting horseshit” that women (and it should be noted here, non-white people) have to put up with all the time. The Hard Things hosts passionately discuss the importance of boundaries and make it known that mistreatment of their employees is a line they do not let people cross. It’s both a reasonably important conversation and a bit too sanctimonious for my taste.

Full transparency: I stopped listening after about 10 minutes so I could dedicate 200 percent of my attention to figuring out the identities of this rude guest and her husband. I was not alone. Initially, the comments on Glennon’s post were filled with people guessing the identity of the perp. Joanna Gaines? She’s promoting her new show where she fixes a castle in Texas. Kelly Ripa? She’s been on a six-month PR tour about how she and her husband have a lot of sex. Kristen Bell? That would maybe work but her husband is the one with the famous podcast, so whose podcast would she be on? One sleuth proposed Diane Kruger, whom Glennon recently UNFOLLOWED on Instagram.

Glennon at first started responding to the guesses for sport, clearing suspects’ names with a simple “no.” According to a Reddit user keeping track, she exonerated Gwen Stefanie and Blake Shelton, John and Julie Gottmans, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. But Glennon soon wised up: Someone would inevitably guess the correct person, and her lack of response would be the smoking gun. What’s a wellness podcaster to do? SHE DELETED ALL OF THE COMMENTS ASKING HER WHO IT WAS!!!

After digging through many a Reddit thread, my best guess is motivational speaker Mel Robbins, who has twice posted about having a bad week, boundaries, and signs someone is gaslighting you. Seems guilty. I don’t think we will ever directly learn who defended their shitty husband and got booted from the We Can Do Hard Things pre-production Zoom room; however, if you have some extra time and want to do a full investigation, please be my guest. You can do hard things. My DMs are open.

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