I’d Pay $1 Million to Know What Selena Gomez Whispered to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes

A clip of Gomez confiding in (and consequently shocking) Swift has gone viral, sparking a couple of, err, interesting conspiracy theories...

I’d Pay $1 Million to Know What Selena Gomez Whispered to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes
Selena Gomez whispers something to Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller. Photo:Getty Images

The 2024 Golden Globes were a big night for Kylie Jenner and Timotheé Chalamet shippers, fans of Charles Melton and Ayo Edebiri’s gorgeous faces, Bradley Cooper haters, and the color red. But it was an even bigger night for drama, speculation, and spilling tea to your girlfriends. I give you this now-viral clip of Selena Gomez leaning in and whispering something to Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller that sends both into a tailspin. Whatever Gomez confided to them seems incredibly juicy—so much so that they appear to ask follow-up questions and even repeat the maybe-gossip back to Gomez, who then seems to sassily nod her head and confirm that they heard her right the first time. See for yourselves:

Many are, first off, marveling at the relatable imagery of it all—the urge to run up to your girlfriends and immediately dump any and all gossip you have is such a fundamental (emphasis on fun!) pillar of female friendship. Other supposed lip-readers have really run with this theory, in particular, which only makes sense if you noticed the cameraman’s obsession of the evening: Jenner and Chalamet’s nonstop PDA.

According to Twitter dot com’s sleuths and nosy twerps, Gomez supposedly whispers to Swift and Teller that she approached Chalamet for a picture—and was shut down by Jenner, his date and girlfriend.

There is… no way to ever verify whether that’s true or not. This rumor really just spawns from Jenner and Chalamet being all over each other every time the camera panned to them. I suppose it also spawns from the long-standing alleged feud between Gomez and one of Jenner’s close friends, Hailey Bieber. Jenner was, in fact, a maybe-player in a weeks-long proxy war between Bieber and Gomez in early 2023, though Gomez tried to shut down that rumor with a short and sweet, “I love Kylie.”

But the rumor that Gomez told Swift and Teller that Jenner was rude to her has now taken on a life of its own, aka sparked a gazillion memes. GQ theorizes that it actually looks more like Gomez is telling Swift, “She didn’t itch my back… I am white woody… wombats, no…” Others suspect Gomez may be telling Swift where she can stream the next Kansas City Chiefs game, and/or passing along strategy for Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Perhaps, at the end of the day, this clip is just a Rorschach test for whatever we, the people, individually find most dramatic and/or appalling. And, for me, that would be Gomez whispering “something something white woody… wombats.”

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