Idjits Support Bearded Reality TV Homophobe With 'Chick Phil A' Day


Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson recently found himself suspended from filming the massively popular reality show for saying shitty things about gay people in an interview with GQ (and, uh, a lot of other times, turns out). Now, the mouth-breathing dinosaur-minded morons who support him are staging a protest at Chick Fil A, the official restaurant of people dumb enough to think “free speech” means “right to a multi million dollar reality TV contract.” (armpit farts The Star Spangled Banner in its entirety)

According to NPR, “Chick-Phil-A” (groan) Day will be held on January 21st at locations of the bad-for-your-body-and-soul restaurants across the country. The movement has more than 25K “likes” on Facebook so far, and, considering how much White Jesus Presents: The Constitution!– loving homophobes’ preference for showing their support of free speech by stuffing their faces, it will likely be a hit. The restaurant has disavowed any association with this form of deep-fryer-based activism.

Recall: it was during the summer of 2012 that Chick-Fil-A’s CEO found himself in trouble for making anti-gay remarks to a Christian newspaper and supporters got so fired up that they overwhelmed some restaurants’ capacity. Their protest was an overwhelming success, causing Republicans to take both the Senate and the White House during the 2012 elections and several ensuing huge court victories for opponents of gay marriage. Just kidding. Opposite of that! Keep eating, you old-timey bigots!

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