'If You Can't Prevent Rape, You Enjoy It' Says India's Moronic Top Cop


Citizens of India are rightfully furious after Central Bureau of Investigation head Ranjit Sinha said just about the worst thing I’ve ever heard a public official say about rape. And trust me, I know: part of my job is to write about awful things people say about rape!

During a press conference about illegal sports betting, Sinha, who heads the Indian equivalent of the FBI, said the state might as well legalize sports betting so the state could make some money off of it. You know, since people are going to bet on sports, anyway.

I follow that logic. What I don’t follow is the ass-backward thing he said next, according to ABC,

“If you cannot enforce the ban on betting, it is like saying, ‘If you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it,'” he said.



PR pointer number one: don’t compare things that are not rape to rape, especially when you’re the head cop in a country where rape is such an epidemic that it adversely impacts tourism. Remember how that woman who was gang raped on a bus died of her injuries? How about that other crew of dudes who just roved an abandoned factory hankering for some gang rape? Are you not embarrassed to be in charge of a police organization in a country with a rape problem so bad that it’s an international disgrace? The fuck is wrong with you?

Unsurprisingly, people are mad. And, responding exactly how a person like this would respond to saying like, the worst possible thing, Sinha defended himself by saying the remarks were taken out of context.

PR pointer number two: Don’t take apology cues from Richard Cohen.

Numerous groups have called for Sinha to step down on account of the fact that he’s a dangerously stupid fuckstack, but Sinha hasn’t obliged them. Allow us to join the chorus: dude, quit your job. You’re terrible at it.


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