Iggy Azalea's Skeevy Ex Is Allegedly Shopping Around a Sex Tape

Last night, Iggy Azalea went on an amazing rant in which she denied having a sex tape and lampooned the disgusting way in which people look at and recirculate celebrities’ intimate moments. Now, unfortunately, her legal team is saying that the tape may actually exist.

According to TMZ, her ex-boyfriend is shopping around a sex tape, like a true piece of human garbage. Her legal team says the tape was taken “without her knowledge or consent” — WHICH SHOULD BE ENOUGH REASON TO KEEP ANYONE FROM BUYING IT — and, crucially, it may have been filmed when she was under 18. Hopefully, it won’t make its way onto the Internet for the latter reason (depressingly, no one really cares about the former, nor do they care that her private life should remain private).

How cool would it be if we all decided to start treating female celebrities like human beings? That would be the day. [TMZ]

While we are on the subject of people being terrible, Josh Hutcherson talked about Jennifer Lawrence‘s stolen photos in an interview: “It’s fuckin’ horrible,” he said. “I haven’t spoken to her since it happened, but as far as the public, Twitter, and media have reacted, it’s awful. We act because it’s what we want to do. I’ve acted since I was 9 years old because it’s my job, it’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I love to do. I don’t want attention. I don’t want to have my private life looked into or have people think they deserve to know about my private life. And then people say, ‘Well, then you shouldn’t have become an actor.’ Fuck that. I didn’t choose all that. I chose to be an actor. I was 9 years old! Do you think a 9-year-old is thinking about public scandal? I wanted to make movies.” Exactly. [Daily Beast]

Patrick Stewart surprised an 11-year-old Star Trek fan with a chronic disease at Dragon Con. “I was shy at first, not sure what to say or talk about, but he kept talking to me. I felt like I was on the Enterprise talking to the captain. And suddenly, I was OK,” she said afterward. AND, IF YOU’RE NOT CRYING ALREADY: “He told me that since we were friends, when I saw him on video that I could wave and say, ‘Hello Patrick.'” Gaaaaah. [HuffPo]

  • Madonna demanded that a spotlight beaming down upon her at a Fashion Week party be shut down. I think this is a reasonable request, and if I were famous enough I would ban all overhead lighting as well. [Page Six]
  • Hilary Duff thinks it’s weird that Aaron Carter keeps declaring his love for her. This is one of the best gossip stories of the year. [The Superficial]
  • Juan Pablo, the former Bachelor of ill repute, says that he and Bachelor “winner” Nikki Ferrell would not be together if not for VH1’s Couples Therapy. I mean, obviously. There are cameras on Couples Therapy. [Us Magazine]
  • !!!!!! Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are dating !!!!!!! [Hello]
  • Here is a photo spread of Lindsay Lohan. In the accompanying interview, she says that her beauty tip is “stay on a boat.” I don’t know if that’s a metaphor or not. [Wonderland]
  • Idris Elba is apparently going to be in Finding Nemo 2? With Dominic West? So it will be a Wire reunion. As Finding Nemo 2 should be. [Short List]
  • Moschino designer Jeremy Scott, who just designed a sweater with a picture of Shrek on it, talked about how fashionable Rihanna is. [Just Jared]
  • Kendall Jenner walked in the Marc Jacobs show yesterday. She was put in a horrible wig, as is Marc Jacobs’ custom. [Hello]
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