I'm Inspired By Godzilla's Daughter Coming Out As Trans

I'm Inspired By Godzilla's Daughter Coming Out As Trans

It’s not technically Pride anymore, but when you are the anthropomorphic reptile manifestation of nuclear destruction, every day is Pride. As such, I find it important to celebrate and uplift the latest member of the trans community: Godzilla’s daughter, Baby Godzilla.

On Twitter yesterday, @TOHO_GODZILLA, the official account for the world’s favorite kaiju, shared a touching home video of Baby Godzilla’s coming out journey. In it, she finds herself mystified by Sailor Moon’s transformation—who wasn’t!—and experiences a plethora of conflicting emotions because of it. After a period of brooding and pensive silence, she asks her father if she can talk about something. It’s a sweet moment, made only more poignant by the fact that they’re irradiated dinosaurs.

As a trans woman, I’m asked a bit too much if my gender is “female.” I usually smile, correcting the well-meaning individuals that my gender is actually “faggot,” so we’re clear on both my presentation and political affiliations. But there is always more room to grow and evolve how I choose to self-identify. Watching Baby Godzilla’s story, I’m beginning to think “Lizard Monster” is an apt description of how I move through the world. Why solely wrap myself in the beautiful shroud of trans womanhood when I can also stomp around as the terrifyingly destructive King of the Titans, who protects humanity from space dinosaurs and 100-headed dragons and eerily large moth creatures.

Regardless, congrats to Baby Godzilla on your new journey. It’s frequently harrowing, and full of contradictions and conflicts you will have to sort out for yourself. Lots of people will tell you how to be, while others will demand that you not be anything at all. But know that somewhere out there in the multi-verse is me, your fellow trans lizard monster, and I see you, and love you immensely. There’s a big wide world just waiting to be destroyed by your nuclear-sludge-powered fire breath, so get to it!

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