Images From The Only Plus-Size Show At Fashion Week


Wednesday in New York, the first-ever plus-size fashion show happened during New York Fashion Week.

The show was sponsored by, and it was actually hard for us to get images — for some reason, they were not immediately available on Getty, the news agency we usually use. The PR company sent just a few (small) photos.

Still, it was exciting to see beautiful plus-size models having their moment in the spotlight. The clothes? Eh. A lot of the garments did not seem to fit properly.

Others just seemed like bad ideas. Is this faux denim???

Yes, ANTM enthusiasts, this is Toccara!

For more images, check out the One Stop Plus Facebook page.

Oh: Niiki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe and Caroline Manzo were there!

In the end it’s like this: I’m so glad it happened, I hope it happens again, the models looked gorgeous. But unlike some of the other designer shows during fashion week, I didn’t see a single thing I dreamed of wearing. As a woman hoping for diversity at fashion week, I was happy. As a plus-sized shopper, I was disappointed.

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