In Moving Act Of Selflessness, Kris Jenner Gets Face Lift For Daughter's Wedding

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At the link, you can watch video of Kris Jenner undergoing a “mini” face lift so she’ll look “refreshed” on Kim Kardashian‘s wedding day. She really is a thoughtful and generous mom. But seriously, folks, what is wrong with out society? Why do we treat aging like a disease? Will small children run screaming, will plants wither and die, will men be scarred for life if a woman has wrinkles? [E!]

Ouch: Chris Colfer learned he would be leaving Glee on Twitter. At least he has an Emmy nomination? [People]
Oh, Chris Colfer is gonna be just fine. Christina Hendricks has joined the cast of Struck By Lightning, the movie Colfer wrote. The director of the project describes Colfer’s script as being “so smart, fresh and funny, but also has such heart.” [Contact Music]

Jon Hamm got drunk, so the news is that Jon Hamm has a drinking problem. He was seen stumbling out of Little Dom’s restaurant in L.A., and an insider says when Hamm’s not working, he gets wasted. “His nickname is ‘Hammered.'” [Showbiz Spy]
By the by, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner knows exactly how the show will end. But he’s not telling. [LA Times]

Helen Mirren posed for Esquire wearing nothing but the Union Jack. [NYDN]

Jenna Fischer‘s real-life pregnancy has been written into season eight of The Office: “Pam will be pregnant when the season starts.” [Vulture]

  • Apparently if the acting thing doesn’t work out, Brad Pitt can be a baseball player. [Contact Music]
  • Olivia Wilde, who is three years younger than Justin Timberlake, will play his mother in the futuristic film Now. She’s disappointed that she doesn’t get to kiss him, and who could blame her? [Showbiz Spy]
  • Neil Patrick Harris is supes busy! [LA Times]
  • Lil Wayne might retire: “I want to become a better father, I want to become a better man to my woman, and those things take time.” [Digital Spy]
  • Brooke Mueller was either removed from a plane or stormed off in a huff. [TMZ]
  • 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord, 23, is dating Prison Break‘s Dominic Purcell, 41, and according to this report, she recently “jumped into his arms, giving him a passionate kiss as he groped her butt.” [Us Magazine]
  • “I didn’t meet them. I was shoved out of the way by Jennifer Lopez. Uh oh, I shouldn’t have said that.” — Mary Louise Parker on attending the BAFTA gala but not meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton. [People]
  • “I think an argument could be made that she took me for a ride but I must say, quite frankly, it was a pretty nice ride. It was two and a half very good years and if she was faking it she did it very well… If she was fooling, and a case can be made that she was, she did a very good job.” — Hugh Hefner on ex-fiancée Crystal Harris. [Contact Music]
  • “I don’t really have many famous friends. I only have a couple of friends in the business. I like to stay away as it is really hard to trust people and there are a lot of fake people in Hollywood. I am from New York and I am quite naïve in a way.” — Lady Gaga. [Showbiz Spy]
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