In Other News From Nineties Icons Who Have Had Trouble Getting Work


Alicia Silverstone and Amy Heckerling are reuniting for Vamps, which will also star up-and-comer Krysten Ritter. Will it be more than grist for Clueless nostalgics and a cash-in on the vampire trend?

Vamps, which Heckerling also wrote, is described as “a modern-day tale of two young female vampires living the good life in New York until love enters the picture and each has to make a choice that will jeopardize their immortality.” And so far, it boasts an all-female producing team as well.

Silverstone’s somewhat stalled career already seems to be rebounding, and we’ve been wanting to see more of Heckerling, who appeared to have a tough last decade, career-wise. She made two films, Loser and I Could Never Be Your Woman. The latter went straight to DVD after problems with its backers. At the time, she did an interview with The Onion A.V. Club:

AVC: Do you wish the Amy Heckerling shelf had a few more items on it?
AH: It’s not really my place to think about it. Who cares? There were missed opportunities, and there are things I wish I’d never gotten up to do. I can’t think about it, because I’m stuck inside of me. Nobody can tell the future, or how things would’ve happened. There’s no point to that. As far as, like, wishing I did a shitload more-I mean, do you wish you fucked more beautiful women? What are you gonna do?

You’re gonna make a movie about vampires, that’s what.

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