Instagram Star 'The Fat Jew' To Launch 'White Girl Rosé' This Summer


Lest you forget we live in an era where there are such things as ‘Instagram stars,’ I’m here to make Monday worse than it already was by informing you of Instagram star The Fat Jew’s new business venture: selling a wine called “White Girl Rosé.”

Page Six reports the gluten-free beverage was created by Mr. Fat Jew (né Josh Ostrovsky) after the rosé “shortage” in the Hamptons last summer. Could there be a more horrifying reason for anything?

“Our whole platform is ‘never again,’” he jokes. “May we never almost encounter such a f – – king travesty . . . We were right on the brink of disaster. What would’ve happened? We were running dangerously low.”

Note the use of “we” here. “We were right on the brink of disaster.” “We were running low.” Yet Ostrovsky has named the beverage after white girls, as though he wasn’t enjoying glass after glass of cool rose refreshing rosé himself. This probably has to do with his fascination with that particular category of women, evident on the Instagram account that made him a star:

“If animals were white girls.”

“White girls are always like “can you please pass me that blanket.”

“An instructional book for white girls who ‘can’t even’”

Ostrovsky said he will sell “some” bottles “out of the trunk of [his] car.” Hmmm. “The Trunk of My Car Rosé” has a nice ring to it, actually. I wonder if he has time to change the labels.

Images via Getty/Instagram.

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