Internet Raises $80,000 for Gay Man Violently Disowned By Family


Many of you may have watched the video that Daniel Ashley Pierce, a man coming out to his family, posted on YouTube. The video, which was heartbreaking to say the least, was of Daniel trying to make his parents understand him while they disowned and physically assaulted him. But there’s some good news.

A Gofundme page was started for Daniel and donors have raised over $80,000 for him to be used on moving costs and living expenses. Daniel’s stepmother told him he would have to move out immediately, so the money will likely help him survive for at least a year.

Daniel is currently living with friends, according to Think Progress. His family has asked that the video be taken down from youtube. This would probably be a good time to tell them that being bigoted douchebags on camera was their choice, and they’re just going to have to own it. Just like they told Daniel that being gay was his choice. Also, isn’t there all sorts of stuff about being honest in the bible? If so, then the video should stay up as a reminder of their commitment to loving their fellow man.

Image via Facebook

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