Interspecies Campaigning


In a story that seems straight out of The Onion, PETA has begun a campaign to rename fish as “sea kittens” in order to improve their image.

On the PETA paged entitled ‘Save the Sea Kittens!’ PETA claims that “People don’t seem to like fish” and that “we’re going to start by retiring the old name for good.” PETA urges members to sign a petition asking the US Fish and Wildlife Service to stop the “hunting of sea kittens (otherwise known as fishing)”. PETA argues that “Sea kittens are just as intelligent (not to mention adorable) as dogs and cats, and they feel pain just as all animals do.” Sadly, after yesterdays news, it would seem that kittens have a few problems of their own to worry about, so maybe PETA should chose a new approach. []

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