Is It Good or Bad That There's No Sign of Lawrence in the Season 3 Trailer for Insecure?


The trailer for Season 3 of Insecure features Daniel’s fine ass but nary a trace of Lawrence, his sweaters, or his very attractive face and body.

Perhaps it’s because Jay Ellis might never return to the show, or maybe it’s because he will near the end of the season, in some sort of twist to rival last year’s twist. All we know now is that Issa is growing up. She’s got a full-time job. She’s saving money (kinda). She’s platonically living with a man she used to sleep with (Daniel) and will probably sleep with again before the season is over. And she might not be able to get her own apartment just yet, but you know what, her earrings look great, and her skin is luminous.

Summer is a terrible time for TV, but thank god for Insecure, which returns to HBO on August 12.

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