Is Jennifer Lopez Moving Into Ben Affleck's Dunkin Dungeon?

J.Lo is moving to Los Angeles for a "fresh start," which feels ironic

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Is Jennifer Lopez Moving Into Ben Affleck's Dunkin Dungeon?
Image:Vince Bucci (Getty Images)

The leaky faucet that is the Jennifer Lopez rumor mill has confirmed to E! that JLo is packing up all the “rocks that she got” and sending them to Los Angeles, where she’ll now be living with her twins. According to a source that is definitely not a well-paid publicist, Lopez is “excited about a fresh start and pursuing things with Ben. They will be at their L.A. home soon.” They!? Who is they!?

Is “they” J.Lo and her children—or could it possibly mean that the paparazzi will now be treated to curated walks of Jen and Ben right outside of the home he briefly shared with Ana De Armas? Is JLo getting a dog so they can make the photos a little more frequent? Is she going to develop a Dunkin Donuts habit? So many questions, so few answers! But other than the tailspin of confusion that’s resulting from this cross country move I guess congratulations are in order to Bennifer 2.0 for really committing to whatever this relationship is. [E! News]

Also in couple-related news, America’s worst couple is making their presence felt once again. Blake Shelton apparently decided to remind everyone that he is still with Gwen Stefani on an Apple radio show and talked about how gosh darn lucky he is to be able to work with her and parade her out in front of his fans.

“There’s been times where she comes out on stage,” he said, referring to the few times Stefani has joined him on tour, “and then we’ll start ‘Nobody But You’ or ‘Go Ahead And Break My Heart’, and then I’ll be singing it, and here I am dying from the time I stand on stage, walk out on stage until that moment hits, because I know on that setlist people are going to shit in their seats when Gwen Stefani walks out here.”

Those people are shitting in their seats because they are trapped, Blake. Why won’t you set them free? [Hollywood Life]

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