Is Kim Kardashian Close to Striking a Deal with Weight Watchers?


All of those unflattering maternity outfits and shitty tabloid stories about her pregnant body might be paying off—literally. Kim Kardashian has reportedly been made an offer by Weight Watchers to be its next celebrity spokesperson. You didn’t think she would lose the baby weight for free, did you?

Kim is “likely to sign [with WW] in the coming day,” according to a source who might be totally bullshitting everyone. However, it’s not a stretch to think that she would be a spokesperson for Weight Watchers—she and her sisters already had a celebrity endorsement deal with a weight-loss company, Quick Trim, a few years ago. And she doesn’t even celebrate her birthdays or get married unless she’s getting an appearance fee.

But it might also just be wishful thinking. It’s been speculated for some time now that Kim has been purposefully wearing unflattering clothes and courting some public humiliation about her weight in an effort to land a big paycheck for a weight-loss deal—essentially following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson. But according to TMZ, companies like Jenny Craig and Medifast decided, within days of Kim’s pregnancy announcement, that they would not be extending her any kind of offer. And two months ago, a rep from Weight Watchers said their was “no truth” to rumors that she was in the talks with the company.

But as Kim has gained more press than she has pounds in recent weeks in regards to her body, perhaps WW has reconsidered. It’s also been proven in that time that the Kardashians possess a superhuman talent for weight loss that attracts lots of tabloid attention, which could garner tons of free publicity for any weight-loss program associated with Kim.

Kim Kardashian To Sign With WeightWatchers Following Birth; Pregnant Reality Star To Become US Sponsor [IBT]

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