Is The Destiny's Child Comeback Album On The Way?

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Beyoncé‘s record label is allegedly concerned about her new album; a source says they asked her to make changes, but she said no. So Columbia Records is ALLEGEDLY hoping to put together a Destiny’s Child reunion/comeback record as a moneymaker. Pay some telephone bills, pay some automobiiiils… [Page Six]

Let’s not focus on the dude who is suing over a multi-million dollar illegal poker game ring. Instead let’s focus on the fact that this multi-million dollar illegal poker game ring involved playing cards with Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, among others. Why has no one televised this? Why are we subjected to crappy reality shows when we could be watching Matt Damon bluffing his ass off, hmm? Riddle me that, Batman. [Radar Online]

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris didn’t get married, but there will still be a TV special on Lifetime! It will be about not getting married. The “runaway bride”-themed show will air in July. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Hef? The man who is quite literally rolling in young blondes? Just curious. [Contact Music]

You know how Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning this fun tour of North America? When they’re in Canada, they will spend a day on Prince Edward Island, racing each other on Dragonboats. Should be jolly good fun! The couple’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, yes that is really what his name is, says that this day will include food and more frolicking: “young people will be engaged in a range of beach sports, and the couple will start one of the games and present prizes to the winners of various competitions.” Young people! How droll. [People]

Breaking: Pippa and Prince Harry have cutesy nicknames for each other. Pippa calls the Prince “Captain.” The prince calls Pippa “Commando,” which is “in reference to rumours that she was not wearing any underwear on her sister’s wedding day.” Romantic? [Daily Mail]

  • Hey now: Scarlett Johansson was seen out on the town with Justin Timberlake. [Page Six]
  • Victoria Beckham has spent $12,000 on a “shabby chic” nursery, done up in cream and pink, with French inspired furniture, a thousand-dollar bassinet, a $3000 changing table and a $4,000 cream wardrobe with bunnies engraved into it. The wardrobe is already full of clothes, of course. A source says Posh and Becks have three names for their unborn daughter in mind, one of which is Jude. We heard they were considering Santa. Just as long as it’s not Fendi or Louboutin. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Jennifer Aniston will be “honored” with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame next year. Then again, so will Vin Diesel. [HuffPo]
  • LeAnn Rimes has posted yet another bikini picture on Twitter. Does she sing anymore? Or is wearing a swimsuit her sole occupation now? [NYDN]
  • Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh visited Brad Pitt on the set of his zombie flick, World War Z. Pretty sure Z is wearing an off-the-shoulder top. Shiloh is rocking cargo shorts! [People]
  • Will Ke$ha join Britney on tour? [Digital Spy]
  • At that disastrous show in Belgrade, Amy Winehouse was pushed on stage by bodyguards. [Digital Spy]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s house arrest has its perks: She’s finally finished decorating. “I probably wouldn’t have done it had I not been home,” she tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview. Which means there will be more about this in Midweek Madness! [AP]
  • Lindsay will be free by July 2, which is her 25th birthday. Seems like our time together has been longer. [Radar]
  • Kim Kardashian Set For Showdown With Tim Gunn On Project Runway.” [Contact Music]
  • Roger Ebert is classy. [People, LA Times]
  • Zachary Hartwell, the 30-year-old passenger killed in Jackass sar Ryan Dunn‘s sports car, was a former Navy Gunner’s Mate who had been on two tours of Iraq.” [Radar]
  • Bruce Springsteen performed at Clarence Clemons‘ funeral yesterday, and delivered an “emotional” eulogy: “Clarence was a man of unconditional love, but his love came with a lot of conditions. He was a complex guy… an ongoing project. But when you were in his presence, it was like being in a sovereign nation.” [Contact Music]
  • Would you like to buy Lady Gaga‘s crystal crown from the “Judas” video? It’s only $18,000. [eBay]
  • Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine was discovered singing drunkenly in a bathroom, and says that if she weren’t a performer, she’d be drunk more often. [AOL TV]
  • I don’t understand a single thing about Emily Mortimer and her husband switching nationalities, but if you’re trying to get out of paying taxes, shouldn’t you keep quiet about it? [Contact Music]
  • Angela Bassett on Broadway is one hot ticket. [USA Today]
  • Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is pregnant. [Reuters]
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