Is There Room For More Than One Batshit Crazy Right-Wing Woman In The Election?


OMG, it’s a Palin-Bachmann catfight! Grab the popcorn!

There was a merciful, brief moment where it seemed like Sarah Palin was going to sink into semi-obscurity, but now that she’s making noises about running for president, there is a semi-plausible reason for her to be in the spotlight again. Unfortunately for Palin, there’s a new blithely race-baiting, obfuscating church lady in town, and she’s already pretty much said she wants to run for president.

There’s a palpable restraint in this Politico story about one-upmanship between Bachmann and Palin, as if they’re anticipating criticism of sexism. Still, a “well-placed observer” is quoted saying, “Every time Bachmann gets some press, Palin will get herself out there a little more. There’s a little jockeying going on.”

Bachmann, asked about Palin recently, shifted to listing her own experience, an implicit critique of Palin’s thin resume. But previously Bachman called Palin “absolutely drop-dead gorgeous”! Still, as Elspeth Reeve pointed out at the Atlantic Wire, “Everyone knows from Sweet Valley High and Daria that when a woman praises another woman’s beauty it means she hates her.” Duh!

Sarah Palin And Michele Bachmann Size Each Other Up [Politico]
Bachmann, Palin Coverage Playing Out Like A Bad ‘Bridesmaids’ Scene [Atlantic Wire]

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