Is This the Face of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Movie?

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As Ana Steele would say, “Argh!” In a desperate bid to land the directing gig for Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey, Gus Van Sant sent the studio an unsolicited test tape of a sex scene from the book, starring Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey and an “unnamed actress” (offff course) as Anastasia:

The scene, insiders said, is when the ingénue Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to Grey.

While Pettyfer hasn’t been on the shortlist of actors reportedly in talks for the role, none of that shit ever seems to be true, so whatever.

Universal and Focus have declined to comment on any list stories, long or short, though a Universal spokesperson said that the studio isn’t out to directors or actors, nor have they commissioned any test reels. WME has also declined comment.

[The Wrap]

Katy Perry has filed a $6.5 million counterclaim against the hair product company GHD (Good Hair Day) for breaching the terms of their endorsement contract. They continued to use her image on their website despite the fact that the deal was broken by November of 2014 due to Perry’s “significant [decrease] in market appeal.” [THR]

This one time Ke$ha drank her own pee and it was totally a normal thing we’d all do. Wednesday!

“I heard it was good for you. That was, like, the rumor. But I don’t know. I’m also just one that doesn’t shy away from things. I’m not good at saying ‘No’ so I just figure, fuck it, I’ll try anything once. So I tried it. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was pretty gross. And I don’t think it really did anything very beneficial to me so, yeah, I wouldn’t probably do it again.”

[Contact Music]

Ben Affleck has announced that he’s joined the charity Live Below The Line and will be subsisting on $1.50 a day for five days to raise awareness for poverty. Also taking part are Josh Groban, Sophia Bush, Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos. The rules are pretty stringent: Your total five-day food bill shouldn’t go over $7.50, and you’re not supposed to rummage through the pantry for snacks, unless you factor how much the items cost into your total. I give Ben one day. He seems like he can’t go 48 hours without a Keebler fix. [TIME]


Chelsea Handler (Reese Witherspoon’s sister in the world’s worst movie, This Means War): “She’s doing fine. She’s doing fine, you know? She was just trying to protect her husband, so…I mean everybody makes mistakes, so it’s not a big deal.”

Matthew McConaughey: “I’m happy to see that she seems to be the kind of woman that would do just what she did. Come out and be forthright about [it]. Look at it in the eye and be forthright.” [Access Hollywood, Us Weekly]

  • Rihanna spent $8,000 on a Miami stripper. [TMZ]
  • Britney Spears’ ex Jason Trawick “needed a buzz cut to get laid” or something. Is that how that works? [TMZ]
  • Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has started to shoot his reality show, after making us wait for not long enough. [TMZ]
  • Jenelle Evans was arrested for heroin possession and the assault of husband Courtland Rogers. [Us Weekly]
  • No, that is not a picture of Wand Erectioner Niall Horan in the shower. Sry! [Gossip Cop]
  • Robert Downey Jr. managed to link Iron Man 3 to the Boston Marathon bombings as a way to spread violence awareness. I’m reallllly starting to not like him. [Page Six]
  • Matt Lauer wanted to assemble a “crisis team” after Ann Curry’s firing to find out why people hated him so much. [Page Six]
  • Iron Man 3 star Goopy Paltrow keeps it low-key around the house. (But you do not ever have frizzy hair so shut the front door.) [People]
  • After a screening of Before Midnight, a guy in the audience of the Tribeca Film Festival came up to the microphone and told Julie Delpy: “Your tits look great.” She played it off. [Page Six]
  • Janice “World’s First Supermodel And Now Tell Them About Their Cover Girl Deal, Tyra” Dickinson has filed for bankruptcy thanks to whopping plastic surgery bills. Can she built a sprawling ranch house on Nigel Barker’s beautiful bald dome? [NY Post]
  • Speaking of unnecessary programming, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. Don’t make me say it again. [EW]
  • Trina’s brother has been shot to death in Miami. RIP. [SOHH]
  • Justin Bieber’s manager is looking into leaving the confiscated monkey, Mally. in a sanctuary in Germany. [Guardian UK]
  • Meanwhile, J’Beebs has acquired two new tattoos: a tiger and an angel. [E!]
  • Amanda Bynes has been “speaking in a non-sensical language” to herself. Christ. [Radar Online]
  • Victoria Beckham may cover her very first American Vogue. [Entertainmentwise]
  • Jason Segel’s children’s book Nightmares! has been snapped up by Random House. [Deadline]
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