Isolated Track Of Whitney Houston Doing "How Will I Know" Is Flawless


If you have ever doubted the immense talent that Whitney Houston possessed, take a listen to this isolated track of her singing one of her biggest hits, “How Will I Know.” Her voice was beyond this realm, no question.

Maybe you weren’t born yet when she broke onto the scene. Maybe you didn’t listen to “that” kind of music. Maybe you lived in one of those religious cults where they don’t let you listen to pop music. For whatever reason, you’re one of those people who I always seem to run into who doesn’t “get” the big deal about Houston, the late, great music superstar who died in 2012. Maybe you just remember her from the reality show she did with Bobby Brown. Maybe you just remember those talk show appearances where she tried and failed to explain away rumors of her drug use. Maybe you just remember the jokes people made about her public persona.

Hopefully, this will help you “get it.” That. Voice. That’s the Houston I remember. There just was nothing like it.

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