It’s Just a Cat, But It’s Also a Terrorist


A black cat has been roaming the streets of Pearl River, New York, wreaking havoc on its residents. “A cat, a black cat, is goin’ around hurtin’ kids,” says one man.

According to CBS—which labels the cat as “rabid” and “very aggressive,” perhaps neglecting the fact that maybe the cat is just misunderstood—the cat has scratched and injured several people and attacked a dog. The cat possibly has rabies.

“It’s not a bear, a coyote, or even a dog,” says the news anchor in this video news coverage.

Traumatized resident Chris McKiernan told CBS 2, “It was strange because it didn’t make a whole lot of noise like cats normally do. It just was real quiet and staring at me. It actually had blood on its mouth. It was a little surreal.”

Another resident kicked the cat in response to attacks. The cat retaliated with psychological warfare by quietly seething and sitting on the “Welcome” mat outside his home. Fearful, the family absconded to Brooklyn.

This is very serious. Officials are looking for the cat to have it tested. The incident is not unlike the Portland terror cat that attacked a family last year, forcing them to call 911.

Now tell us, is this cat worse than the Portland terror cat? Which one is the more ferocious feline? Vote below.

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Image via screenshot/CBS

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