It's an Election Year, So Get Ready for Some Hillary

It's an Election Year, So Get Ready for Some Hillary
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Hillary Clinton, the first woman to ever win the popular vote in a U.S. presidential election, is back for 2020, but only in documentary form.

A new Hulu doc, called Hillary, will chronicle how one of the most qualified candidates in U.S. history lost the election to one of the least qualified humans for any job in the entire history of mankind (spoiler alert: it may have been the lack of a penis) and look back at Clinton’s pre-election life, including her time as Secretary of State and, probably, that other time she ran for president. In promotional interviews for the documentary, Clinton discussed her longstanding position as a lightning rod for public perceptions of women in positions of power:

“I became a kind of Rorschach test for women and women’s roles as soon as I burst on the public scene when Bill was running for president,” she said. “You know, I lived for more that 40 years before that and I had no real understanding of what it really meant to be thrust into this highest, brightest platform and try to live your life and kind of go along with what you’ve always done.”

I cannot possibly make any commitment to watching a four-hour documentary about 2016 until November 4, 2020. [THR]

It’s a great time for horror movies about not being able to see or speak, but my question is, where are all the scary movies about being unable to smell or become smelly? Anyway, Don’t Breathe is getting a sequel. [THR]

The Wu-Tang documentary is on its way to Hulu. [THR]

You will soon be able to compose your own personalized Law & Order marathons via NBC’s streaming service. [THR]

My boyfriend, Taika Waititi, has been asked to develop a Star War. We might have plans that day but will definitely let y’all know. [THR]

America is so fucked. How fucked is it, you ask? We’re forgiving medical debt for movie promotional campaigns. [Variety]

This headline would like us to know that a man from the movie Irishman has set up a production company called Matriarch Productions (along with his wife). [Variety]

Punky Brewster is now a single mom with three kids. [TVline]

Spike Jonze is making a movie about the Beastie Boys. [ComingSoon]

The WWE has a Quibi show just like everyone else. [WWE Twitter]

Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden will star in a Chopra and Nick Jonas-produced Amazon series. [Variety]

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn will star in an Amazon reality show about the fashion industry that is not Project Runway but is also not not Project Runway. [Decider]

Netflix has bought the rights to Maimouna Doucouré’s award-winning debut film Cuties, which premiered at Sundance.

Comedy Central is so sure you’re going to like the new Awkwafina series Nora From Queens that they’ve already ordered a second season. [Variety]

I said this last time they renewed and was pleasantly surprised, but where the fuck does the plot have left to go in You season three? [People]

The Nebula award-winning series Binti is coming to Hulu. [THR]

Bless his heart, Jared Leto finally got invited to put on another little superhero movie costume. [Rotten Tomatoes Twitter]

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