It's Hard to 'Poopsie' in an Aquaman Suit!!!


Jason Momoa, a man who should be naked more often than he is clothed, is starring in Aquaman, a movie about a merman who can breathe underwater and has to save the world or something. In said film, he wears a very tight suit. In said suit, it is apparently hard to “poopsie.”

Please don’t take my word for it—he said it. Jezebel has previously acknowledged that the Aquaman outfit is way too friggin’ tight and should be done away with completely, but my main question is what on EARTH is Jason Momoa putting into that fine-ass body that is making him have to “poopsie” in an emergency? Detox tea? A mess of raw kale? Protein smoothies? A lot of coffee? Vyvance? Grape Nuts? A lot of dried apricots? Too many cherries? Diet Coke and a single American Spirit yellow? I have no idea, but I am concerned for this handsome man’s body and his gastrointestinal health, and honestly, I really don’t want to be.

I’m sure it is hell maintaining a tall, craggy body that is climbable like a big tree or a mountain or maybe a tall set of stairs, but I’m now thinking about whether or not Jason Momoa had to take a poopsie the entire time he was filming Aquaman. Would U still a man who says “poopsie”?

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