It's Officially, Officially Over for Dina Lohan and Her Internet Boyfriend

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It's Officially, Officially Over for Dina Lohan and Her Internet Boyfriend
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I was under the impression things were already over between Dina Lohan and her internet boyfriend, but it appears now things are REALLY over. What a journey it’s been for us all.

According to Page Six, Jesse Nadler, an alleged “ladies’ man” whom Lohan met online but never IRL, officially broke up with her on Monday night. “It’s over,” he told the tabloid. “Broke it off.” His explanation re: the split is…interesting:

Jesse Nadler confirmed to Page Six that he and Lohan have split, just days after he proposed to her over Facebook. Although Lohan initially said “yes” to getting married, Nadler told us she became “moody” and that their relationship went up and down after he popped the question.

I am confused—over the weekend, Nadler told The Blast that he dumped Lohan “after she went off on him over a Facebook photo he posted of a friend’s book,” and yet Page Six says they didn’t officially break up until last night? And also, these people were dating for five years, and they never met? And then split because of Facebook? Love is a mystery, especially when it seems completely fabricated to keep at least one party’s name in the headlines.

Anyway, Lohan’s ex-husband, Michael Lohan, is probably relieved the two are done:

“He never flew Dina out to meet him or flew to meet her, nor did he show up to meet her after [she revealed their relationship on] ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’” he told Page Six of Nadler. “Then he proposed via social media, then he broke up with her … Sounds like they’re off to a great start.”
Michael continued, “Personally, I think he’s a wack job con man … Our children and I are totally against it!”

If I ever become famous and get publicly dumped, please do not ask my ex for comment.

[Page Six]

The Spice Girls: Just like us! Or, at least, they had acne back in their heyday, just like us! Makeup artist Karin Darnell, who used to work with the OG Fab Five, told Popsugar she came up with some fun tricks to keep the Ladies Spice looking zit-free back in the Photoshop-less day:

“We live in an airbrushed world now, but back then, you didn’t have filters; it was day lighting. So if someone had spots, and one of the girls really did, I had to alter the looks for that.” But rather than just piling on the foundation and concealer, Darnell used to make the main makeup focus all about the eyes, to draw attention away from blemishes. Think full-on smokey eye, all the eyeliner, and shimmery inner corners of the eyes. This way, it drew people’s eyes away from the skin and onto that bold statement look.

Other tricks: lip liner, brown lips, bright red lips. And with nary a Glossier in sight. My, what a time.


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