Jake Gyllenhaal’s Crush on Jennifer Aniston Made Filming Sex Scenes ‘Torture’

He had to use a pillow as a barrier between Mrs. Vitamin Water and himself

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Crush on Jennifer Aniston Made Filming Sex Scenes ‘Torture’
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Fall is here, candy corn is everywhere, I’m wearing a sweater, and also, Howard Stern is back after his very long summer vacation, which means famous people are going to appear on his program and say shit that they might not normally say in public! It’s noted shower-avoider Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn to tell the curly-haired king his private business. It’s not that salacious, but it’s something!

Jake and Jennifer Aniston starred in a movie called The Good Girl, where Aniston plays a sad woman looking for succor, which she finds in the arms of Gyllenhaal, who is a young man convinced that he is Holden Caulfield. This charming little drom-com (drama, romance, comedy, does that work?) came out in 2002, when Aniston was at the peak of her Friends fame, and Gyllenhaal, just a smitten kitten.

“[Filming the sex scenes] was torture, yes it was… But it was also not torture. I mean, come on, it was like a mix of both.
“Weirdly, love scenes are awkward, because there are maybe 30, 50 people watching it? That doesn’t turn me on. It’s oddly mechanical. And also it’s a dance, you’re choreographing for a camera. You can get in it, but it’s like a fight scene, you have to choreograph those scenes.”

Intimacy coordinators make sure that sex scenes in movies are safe and comfortable for everyone involved, but Jake also took an extra precaution at the advice of his co-star. “The pillow technique was used,” he told Stern. “That was just preemptive and used generally always when actually in a horizontal place in that movie.”

Jake continued: “I think that was actually a Jennifer suggestion. She was very kind to suggest it before we began. She was like, ‘I’m putting a pillow here.’”

Love this friendly suggestion from Jennifer Aniston! Love Jake Gyllenhaal’s dopey, Pound Puppy demeanor, too. I suppose this is just nice gossip about a smitten young man and a famous lady, nothing too untoward. Though I know this won’t happen, wouldn’t it be nice if Jake and Jen started dating? What if she listens to Stern, remembers this incident, and then has her agent call an assistant who calls Jake’s assistant’s PA who gets his PA on the horn and they go to Erewhon?

I don’t know how either Hollywood or “love” work, but this seems to be correct. [NY Post]

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According to various sources, Sam has been gently suggesting that Britney return to the stage, but it doesn’t sound like he’s rushing her, per se. “It seems she’s just not ready,” a source told People. Instead, it sounds like Britney wants to take some time to relax once her conservatorship ends. “She just wants to start fresh,” the source said. “She doesn’t seem to have a plan beyond this.” Though that statement could read as depressing, in the context of Britney, it’s refreshing. That woman’s life has been planned up to the minute of every day for the majority of her life, and so I have to imagine that all she actually wants is to experience something akin to normalcy and freedom. Get married to that hot dancer man, do her videos in the yard, paint, putter. A nice life, if you ask me. [People]

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