Janelle Monae Did Not Fuck Around With Her Pride Look at the BET Awards


The 2018 BET Awards took place Sunday night in Los Angeles, right smack dab in the middle of Pride month. The looks were strong all around, but no one did it like Janelle Monae. My girl dropped her characteristically monochrome suits to positively and literally embody the rainbow.

In a floor-length, tiered, tulle circle skirt, Monae really went full ROYGBIV, adding what appears to be a small section of (reddish-) brown and black near her waist. Perhaps you’ve seen those shades added to the LGBTQ rainbow: they symbolize the inclusion of brown and black people, an added level of visibility for queer people of color. Like I said, she was not fucking around, people, and looked like a million bucks. Behold:

The skirt.

It keeps GOING.

And she owns it.

Let’s take a closer look at that ornamental bag, shall we? She really thought of every dang detail:

Monae might’ve been the only BET Awards participant to literally become the Pride flag, but Nicki Minaj came through with a subtle rainbow on the each side of her slicked back blonde locks. It kinda looks like she came straight from the parade, which is so cute and something that could be easily accomplished in your home with the right products. A Queen for the people.

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