Japan's New Poop Museum, Shockingly, Looks Dope as Hell

Japan's New Poop Museum, Shockingly, Looks Dope as Hell
Image: (Kyodo News via Getty Images)

Who knew that you could make one of the body’s least attractive functions look adorable? A new museum in Yokohama, Japan, about 25 miles south of Tokyo, is rooted in the counterintuitive idea that poop can be made fun, and I’m inclined to believe them.

The Unko Museum (“unko” is Japanese for poop) looks like a Lisa Frank fever dream; everything is awash in a technicolor fecal smear of pink and purple pastels and electric yellows and limes. There may not be a single actually poop-colored or realistically poop-shaped item in the building. “We believe that setting poo as entertainment, not a museum, is the first in the world,” a spokesperson for the Unko Museum told CNN.

In order to make poop delightful, the museum set a strict color code: “There is no dirty brown poop in Unko Museum. It’s all colorful, cute and pop design poop.” At the Unko Museum, you can Instagram a picture from giant toilets, yell the word “unko” into a microphone, play in a ball pit (naturally there’s a ball pit), and draw an illustration of what your poop looks like to share with the class.

Building an Instagrammable shrine to poop is the kind of ridiculous I can get behind. Only one way to find out; CNN reports that the museum, which opened in March, is around until August 2019.

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