Jay Z's Almost-Mistress Releases Bitchy Song Directed at Beyoncé


While the whole world waits with bated breath for some more ruckus to come out of Camp Knowles-Carter, a woman who has been linked to Jay Z — but is most likely irrelevant in regard to the divorce rumors — has seized the opportunity to put her unwarranted two cents in. It’s called “Sorry Mrs. Carter,” and it’s a glorious disaster.

Olivia McFallar, better known as Yes LIV Can, is a former model, female rapper, and owner of the independent label YLC. Last year, she made the claim that after meeting Jay Z, he asked for her number because he wanted to make her his “in-town chick.” She declined and nothing happened. But now a year later (almost to the day), she’s back with a hit. Of sorts.

Yes LIV Can samples Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” because of course she does, and basically uses her three minutes and forty-four painful seconds to talk about how nothing happened between her and Jay Z, BUT IT TOTALLY COULD HAVE BECAUSE SHE STOLE HIS HEART, THE POOR FOOL. Then in the last minute or so, she lectures Beyoncé about how to teach young girls how to be wives and “act around your husband.”

Um, okay. Haranguing Bey is probably not the best (or a substantial) career move. I mean, I can’t blame a girl for trying to use one of the biggest celebrities *moments* to get up in the world, but I can most definitely cringe at it. And how.

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