Jeff Bezos Once Sent Gwyneth Paltrow an Email With the Subject 'Jeff Bezos'


It’s South by Southwest time again, a festival that is pretty much like Davos except with maybe four good people also in attendance. During a panel there on Monday morning, Gwyneth Paltrow talked about Goop, the “painful lesson” of making false medical claims, and how Jeff Bezos once wrote her an email with the subject line “Jeff Bezos.”

From Page Six (emphasis mine):

While in conversation with CNN anchor Poppy Harlow at SXSW on Monday morning, the goop creator revealed that the Amazon founder got in touch with her following a December WSJ. Magazine article, only to leave her hanging.
“In the Wall Street Journal, they asked me about my mentors, like you have, and I said, ‘Oh sometimes I, like, cold call people,’ and they said, ‘Well has anyone not called you back?’ And I said, ‘Yes, Jeff Bezos,’” she told an audience at the Austin Convention Center.
“So after that came out, I got an email and the subject was ‘Jeff Bezos.’ And the sender was Jeff Bezos! The body of the email said, ‘Hi there Gwyneth, the Wall Street Journal told me you wanna talk to me.’ So, I wrote him back and then he wrote me and then I said, ‘I would die for the opportunity to sit down and ask you a bunch of questions’… and he never wrote me back,” she explained.

I imagine the email looked like this:

To: Gwyneth Paltrow
From: Jeff Bezos
Subject: Jeff Bezos
Hi there Gwyneth, the Wall Street Journal told me you wanna talk to me.

This is is clearly the behavior of someone with too much money. Someone take this man’s money away from him already!

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