Jeffersonian Wedding Proposal Gets Its Own Obnoxious Press Release


This morning we received an announcement about a proposal scheduled for this afternoon.

The missive read thusly:

Today at 2pm at The New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Peter Monteleone of Westchester will propose to his girlfriend Elizabeth (Eliza) Horan of Charlottesville Virginia, whose family has a historic connection to Thomas Jefferson. You’re invited!
The proposal will take place among Jefferson artifacts from the Library’s collection in the Rare Books Astor Reading Room, just off of the Library’s iconic Rose Main Reading Room. Items will include a copy of Jefferson’s marriage certificate to Martha Weldon; A List of Books from a letter to soon to be brother-in-law Robert Skipwith, and Thomas Jefferson’s proposed constitution for Virginia, June 1776.
The Dunlora estate has been in Eliza’s family for generations, owned by descendants of William S. Dabney, who inherited the estate from his brother-in-law Samuel Carr, Thomas Jefferson’s nephew by Jefferson’s sister Martha.
The potential bride and groom are happy to answer any questions! If you are interested in attending this exciting and unique proposal!

Some thoughts:

1. Wut?

2. Why?

3. We do not know these people.

4. We have never been invited to a proposal before.

5. Aren’t proposals supposed to be a surprise?

6. WTF does the constitution of Virginia have to do with anything?

7. This would be more interesting if she were related to Sally Hemings.

8. “The potential bride and groom are happy to answer any questions!” Right. OBVIOUSLY.

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