Jennifer Aniston Keeps Running Into Her Exes at the Sunset Tower Hotel

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Jennifer Aniston Keeps Running Into Her Exes at the Sunset Tower Hotel

Exactly a year ago, when Jennifer Aniston threw a blowout 50th birthday party in the Sunset Tower Hotel, guests were stunned to see Brad Pitt crash the party. Last night, when enterprising paparazzi caught shots of the former Smartwater spokeswoman leaving the same hotel just moments before ex-John Mayer, I’m sure guests were somewhat less surprised, only because they probably don’t remember what John Mayer looks like!

Photographers caught the pair dining separately, with Mayer looking stressed that paparazzi had caught him in the vicinity of Aniston after their incredibly messy 2008 breakup, which saw Mayer accused of a text-message breakup (and tips to paparazzi about the two’s location.)

Now, before the tabloids roll in with glowing stories of an impending reconciliation—or secret love child—let me remind you all that Jennifer Aniston really, really, really loves eating at the Sunset Tower Hotel. (And has for over a decade!) Jennifer Aniston beat reporters like myself should know this, of course, but the moisturizer activist’s culinary habits probably sell less magazines than secret love children that do not exist. [Backgrid]

Court documents obtained by E! News show that Kesha has been ordered by a judge to pay Dr. Luke $374,000 for a text message sent to Lady Gaga, in which she claimed Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry.

A separate document states Katy Perry has “unequivocally testified” that the alleged sexual assault did not happen. As Dr. Luke’s lawyers see it, there has not been a “triable issue,” with the basis of her claim now contested by Perry and Gaga’s separate testimonies. E! also reports that the judge declared Dr. Luke a non-public figure, which bolsters his libel defense. This also means he will not need to prove malice in her actions, as he would have were he labeled a public figure.

In the upcoming trial, Kesha’s rape accusations will no doubt be poured over by both the judge and lawyers from both sides, as the years-long trial reaches its inevitable conclusion. In a statement given to E!, Dr. Luke’s lawyer claims:

“Today’s important decision by the Court in Dr. Luke’s lawsuit brings him closer to the justice that he seeks. First, the Court has now ruled that Kesha made a false and defamatory accusation about Dr. Luke when she baselessly claimed that he raped Katy Perry. Second, the Court rejected Kesha’s attempts to invoke legal technicalities to avoid responsibility for her statements. And third, the Court also correctly held that Kesha breached her contract with Dr. Luke’s company.”

In a separate statement, lawyers for Kesha told the outlet:

“Judge Schecter issued rulings today on motions for summary judgment in the Dr. Luke litigation. We disagree with the Court’s rulings. We plan to immediately appeal.”

Here are some photos of Julia Fox.

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